Francis Harbour - Reborn In Power [Alternative Grunge Rock]
Francis Harbour - Reborn In Power [Alternative Grunge Rock]
01. Healing Flame
02. Dove And Crow
03. My Toxic Friends
04. Self Deception
05. What A Bore
06. Legend Of Demigod

Reborn in Power  is centered on the concept of inner rebirth , forced passage  to regain mental stability and physical balance. Invite the listener not to fight reality  but to welcome it and observe it in order to perceive its positive aspects, which are kept hidden  from our worst enemy that is the mind, and not to fall into the illusion of the past or the future.
Jack Brain - Jack Brain [Alternative Rock]
Jack Brain - Jack Brain [Alternative Rock]
01. Kaleidoscope
02. The Children Of The Unknow
03. A Whisper In The Storm
04. Elevate
05. Uninversal
06. Ocean Slumber
07. The Reason
08. A Lift For The Sun
09. Tempting Flow
10. Iridescent

Jack Brain is the main musical project by Giacomo "Jack" Casile as a soloist. Jack is an underground musician from Reggio Calabria, active for many years with numerous different projects. After publishing his first solo album in 2017 titled "Epic Spleen", Jack decides to take a new musical path, recording a double work called "The Seeker", a concept album inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" and Neil Gaiman's "Sandman". Jack Brain's last work is the second part of "The Seeker". The lyrics guide the protagonist into an introspective trip into his mind: a kind of dialogue with his own inconscious, searching for his true self. The protagonist is helped by the girl he knew during the first part of the story, in which he was searching for a light through the shades of life; the lyrics, in this case, created a sort of "mantra", to help them getting through the obstacles and the insicurities that were enslaving the protagonist. The songs vary from ballads characterized by an ethereal atmosphere to more dynamic and complex tracks, passing through many different styles.
Ominis - A Look Inside [Alternative Metal]
Ominis - A Look Inside [Alternative Metal]
01. Imperial
02. My Resentment
03. Awakening of the Titan
04. A Look Inside
05. The Journey Outward

OMINIS is about two things before fitting any genre - a focus on atmosphere, and writing memorable music themes. The moods shift from heavy to melancholic, from melodic to dark and ominous. The riffs and chord progressions generally explore the roads less traveled and shift from dissonant and technical, to steady and catchy.
Daimon D. - Clouds As a Shelter [Alternative Grunge Rock]
Daimon D. - Clouds As a Shelter [Alternative Grunge Rock]
01.In The Rain
02.Waiting For The End
05.Empty Mirror
06.What I See

"Clouds As A Shelter" is an album which speaks about the human soul and its upsets. Melancholy, love and mostly the discomfort of living in a world where it is easy to feel out of place. It is a journey through thousands of people, with troubled loves, where the anger and the revenge alternate with resignation and introspection. It is a journey where the research of the inner equilibrium often becomes a dialogue The sounds follow the emotional vortex, going from the full and energetic sounds to sweet and melodic caresses sometimes hypnotics, which carry a warm and scratchy voice. The album encloses the vortex of emotions which flow out from the mind's and the heart's confusion, that each of us has to face at least once in a life.
Sankta Kruco - Glacialis [Doom Death Metal]
Sankta Kruco - Glacialis [Doom Death Metal]
01. Foresta Nigra
02. Sulfuran
03. Ultio Matris Terris
04. Glacialis
05. Elemiah
06. Vlad, the Lord of Bran
07. Mother of the last lycan
08. Serpenton+Oblio (outro)
09. Ultio Matris Terris Orchestral (Bonus Track)

Sankta Kruco is a Doom/Black Metal project created by a former dark author, approaching melancholic and gloomy music containing notes from the depths of the soul and lyrics mainly in Aramaic or arcane languages. The first album is being released in summer 2018 through Ghost Label Record.
Zero - Waves Of Grief, Seas Of Regrets
Zero - Waves Of Grief, Seas Of Regrets
01 - Overwhelming Waves
02 - Goodbye, Brother Sea
03 - Before You Judge
04 - Stronger Than Ever
05 - The Way Through
06 - Waves of Griefs, Seas of Regrets
07 - Future Debts
08 - Choosing Oblivion
09 - Yearning Shores

ZERO is a northern-italian music project based in Thiene (VI) born in 2015 from the ashes of a previous band called Zero Fucks Given. The new project brings progressive and djent influences to the metalcore base that the old band already had, creating a mix of aggressive and melodic music with the modern djenty component. After some months spent on writing new songs, ZERO released a round-up containing all the songs made until that point and also a complete remake of an old demo. The round-up, called "Zero Fucks Given", is available on Spotify. The band came later out officially with its first single "Goodbye, Brother Sea", the first song wrote by the band in the new music influence, which was released on 1st September 2016 with a lyric video. "Goodbye, Brother Sea" is now available on Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Since then the band has been working on its first full length album.


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