Waves Of Grief, Seas Of Regrets

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Waves Of Grief, Seas Of Regrets

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The whole album revolves around the concept of trying to describe what living and growing up means in a generation where values no longer suitable are taught as such by the previous generation. These values are in fact misleading both for the previous generation, which fails in understanding reality because it analyzes it using categories no longer reliable, and for the growing generation, which has no way to deal with existence and has to bear the effects of such ethical fracture. In this context the only thing that is left to do seems to be to search for the best possible way trough this time ruled by selfishness and vacuity, choosing to take risks, even though this may lead to haunting regrets. We chose the stormy sea as an effective way to reflect the psychological effects of this concept.

Band: Zero
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
Label: Ghost Record Label